[pp.int.general] Request for Information

Richard Stallman rms at gnu.org
Thu Mar 4 14:46:56 CET 2010

    Richard, this is the reason why we are doing this -bad laws compilation-.
    It includes privacy, copyright, freedom of information and patents. Name
    it however you prefer, it's useful to know so!!

It is a very useful project -- I just ask you please not to use the term
"intellectual property" to describe it.

The privacy issue is not among those that some call "intellectual
property", and neither is freedom of information.  So if the topic
includes them, that name is simply inaccurate, as well as propaganda.
(This happens often.  When people choose a set of legal issues to
discuss, based on some practical reasons, the set they choose is never
the same as "intellectual property", which is a set that was defined
based on an abstract theoretical parallel rather than any practical

Would the term "Laws about information" fit this list?  Copyright,
privacy and freedom of information do fit it.  Patents fit it if you
are concerned with software patents.

If you are concerned with other kinds of patents as well, then "Laws
about information" does not cover it, but you could put that in a
different category.

That's the best idea that I can see just now.

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