[pp.int.general] IBM Smarter Traffic in Stockholm

Fabio Reinhardt fr at piratenpartei.de
Tue Mar 9 13:24:09 CET 2010

Hey you guys,

I ´ve just seen IBM commercials advertising the IBM traffic "solution"
in Stockholm. It says that every license plate is fotographed as the
car enters the city. Here is the movie and the comcept:


Well, first I would like to know what you think of that and if the
Swedish Pirate Party has been focusing on that topic lately. Then,
what bigger implications does it have for solutions to the traffic
problems all over Europe (and further) - I am thinking on the
Netherlands where the cars are supposed to be completely monitored
soon - and are there approaches to think of systems that do not rely
on surveillance? If - of course - I didn´t missunderstand something
and the Swedish Pirates are actually fine with it.

Fabio from Germany

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Fabio Reinhardt
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