[pp.int.general] Is there any list usage rules?

Kenneth Peiruza kenneth at contralaguerra.org
Tue Mar 16 04:31:11 CET 2010

Hi all,

    After the -STOP THIS- thread I think maybe we need some basic rules
for using this list. Do we have so?

    Please, mind about other people's life and help save bandwidth. Also
realize that people unsubscribes of lists fulls of loads of useless
messages, and I can perfectly understand why.

    I would suggest not to make chat-like replies which are just for a
few people on this list. General discussion stands for that, literally,
not for jabbing with 2 or 3 other people. In that case, an IRC or a
web-BB will be convenient.

    BTW: I am in a trip, paying huge rates for my roaming, behind
censoring firewalls and with a shortage every 20 minutes. For me it
makes a great difference to download 40 pointless messages or not, and
daily digest won't help me at all.



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