[pp.int.general] Let the peace be in this list

Kenneth Peiruza kenneth at contralaguerra.org
Tue Mar 16 10:26:22 CET 2010

Hi all,

    Please, before all, Per, don't leave the list yet. As far as I know,
this list is a medium for the communication of all pirate parties, so we
can spread the word about what is going on in every country as well as
internationally. This can also be a good start point debating new issues.

    It has been always complicated to deal with a big amount of
individuals, cultures and timezones. It's even difficult when all the
members are native speakers of the same language, and written language
can be pretty ambiguous, so, let's propose some rules to make this a
productive place and not an entertainment.

    Respect is a very important thing in a community, and a mailing list
is a community. If some of the members have problems with some issue,
even if they are a minority, try to get their point and help them. If we
must adapt to the majority because that is the majority, this party and
this list are pointless, because we are a minority, isn't it?

I would suggest these simple rules:

    - Respect each others

    - Once a topic gets too much attention, continue its discussion into
a BB / CrabGrass

    - If there is something going on that requires FAST communication,
relay to IRC and use this list only to send some reminders about the
server and channel used.

And my suggestions:

    - Use plain language to ease understanding

    - Try to make your words clear, so it can only mean one thing

    - Omit sarcasm, cynicism, rude humour and free criticism

    - Never write under the effects of stress, drugs or insomnia :D

I would like to apologize for my rudeness in a past mail, sometimes my
blood boils, maybe that's why I am a pirate, but guys.... aren't we
fighting for common goals? so let's stop fighting each others ;)

Peace, love and party between us. War against our enemies!

Arrr! Arrr!


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