[pp.int.general] "Piracy" sounds too sexy, say rightsholders

Ray Jenson ray.jenson at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 07:07:24 CET 2010

> I count this as a major WIN for the pirates.

I say "maybe" at the moment... they're probably just going to call it
"criminal" now, even though it's really not criminal in many places.
Here in the USA, it's in "civil law" which means they can sue, but
there's no prison or criminal liability which is possible. It means that
punching your neighbor in the face (assault & battery, criminal charge,
typically 6 months in jail) will land you in more trouble than
downloading the entire internet to your home computer (copyright
infringement, civil charge, typically exorbitant fines intended for
people who try to profit from infringement, applied to people who
wouldn't have been considered infringing 20 years ago).

It's looking as though Glickman's interpretation of events is that movie
sales are up because they've seen an increase in box office revenues
(but really, what does that mean?).

They're backing down on one term, and sure to try to replace it with
another, less desirable term. Let's beat them to it and start really
pushing the "criminal" title on them, for interfering with global
politics to save their failing business model.

MAFIAA is criminal. They should be brought to bear. ARRRR!

Anyone agree with me/disagree with me on this point?

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