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Martin Delius martin.delius at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 20:00:36 CEST 2010

Dear fellow Pirates,

this text is originally an answer to the Brazilian Pirate Party which has
requested aid and information on how to use our liquid-democracy tool
"LiquidFeedback" in their own organisation. We decided to spread that answer
to all of our fellow pirates all over the world.

We are glad and even a bit proud to hear your request about the
LiquidFeedback software. We are happy to tell you that our executive board
has decided to provide a testing environment for your purposes, hosted on
our server.

It is encouraging for us to know that the Brazilian Pirates want to
establish participatory democracy and direct participation within their
organisation. Using LiquidFeedback will be another step in that direction.
In Germany, the principles of liquid democracy are already part of the
statutes of the Berlin chapter. We hope that the Brazilians will have an
equally good experience with LiquidFeedback as we have had so far.

We'd like to help you with further steps into liquid democracy. If at some
point you decide to set up your own independent system, we would like to
guide you through the process. Meanwhile, we will upgrade and maintain your

We will appreciate your feedback and provide any help and advice we can give


the Berlin chapter of the German Pirate Party

Piratenpartei Deutschland / LV Berlin / Öffentlichkeit und Presse /
http://blog.politikpir.at / +49 177 1946714 / jabber:
martin.delius at gmail.com / WP: politikpirat
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