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Tue Apr 12 14:33:34 CEST 2011

El mar, 12-04-2011 a las 05:08 -0700, Chr1s Shea7s escribió:
> Hello PPI followers,
> I'd like to share a free blogging tool for anyone's use. I'd like
> feedback if you have any.
> http://pirate.is/
> If you're not aware of the legal framework in development in Iceland
> (you can read a great article about it here:
> http://grapevine.is/Features/ReadArticle/information-without-borders),
> I hope you become informed. I hope that more people/pirates will
> become aware of the IMMI and push for similar legal frameworks in
> their own nation.
> Cheers

Hi Chris,

I've already commented some on your forums ;)

As you say, the legal framework is in development. Basically, the only
thing in existence by now is a fragile politic declaration of intention.
Nothing has been legally enacted yet and the political instability of
the situation (they just voted NO in their second ICESAVE referendum
only three days ago) does not guarantee that anything at all will get
enacted finally.

I believe Tortuga Iceland could do with the help of some true Pirates if
they are to resist voting yes in any third ICESAVE referendum, all the
same for deciding to enact these protective laws that are still pending.

Do we prepare to grab the profits, if any, or do we help getting to the
profits before the occasion fades away amid global indifference?

Some good comes out of your message... I linked through your site to
IMMI... and yes, they seem to finally have updated their website.

They have evolved from Initiative to Institute, but I guess they could
use our help to fill the bureaucratic framework with some useful

Any more Pirate volunters ?

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