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Max Lalouschek | Piratenpartei Österreic Max Lalouschek | Piratenpartei Österreic
Tue Feb 1 04:20:58 CET 2011

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Hello Pirates,

some of you probably know me from some international pirate
conferences and/or online meetings. I have devoted more than 4 1/2
years of my life to the pirate party in Austria. I was there at the
beginning, when nobody believed in us and I was there when we were
growing over time, gaining more and more credibility. Last summer I
had to acknowledge the fact, that I have to focus on my own life now.
Since then I had less and less time and energy for my board duties.
At the end of February, when we have our general assembly, an elected
successor will take over my position. The same applies to Harald Haas,
who, after being chairman for over 3 years, will leave the board
together with me.

Although we have grown, it is still a difficult time for the party. It
is obvious that we need some new and motivated people in the board to
face all the new problems.

I'm grateful for everything that I've learned in my time as a board
member and I really enjoyed all the interesting and inspiring
conversations with pirates from all over the world. I leave you with a
big THANK YOU!! :) It was a really inspiring time. I wish all of you
good luck, as there are still plenty of challenges ahead. But I trust
the pirate movement to continue to overcome these challenges and to
succeed, eventually :)

Greetings from Vienna,

Max Lalouschek

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Max Lalouschek
Schatzmeister der Piratenpartei Österreichs
Treasurer of Pirate Party Austria

Jabber: dracoflameus at jabber.piratenpartei.at
Tel.: +43 720 703252

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Free Knowledge! Free Culture! Free People!
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