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Wed Feb 2 06:49:18 CET 2011

Hi Jay,

Thank you. I will certainly be around to support what i can and appreciate
knowing there are others out there with the same zeal.

No, I did not get to hear $$$.  it was in the works.  Big numbers were
suggested was coming.  I could not stomach it long enough to stick around.
much too USA centric for me.  I know you are PPNYC, sorry for my expressed
opinion. People were far too asleep for me - technical yes, but not sure of
the 'spook'iness ;)

as for the future, it is starting to look like:

end of the age of Tyrants:
Algeria  called Feb. 7
Libya students called for Feb. 17
today I heard Morocco Feb. 20
today Jordan changed a little (see the King's statement online)
Syria ?
I heard of a demonstration in Dubai today - Dubai?
... things are popping off

looks like the youth of the Arab world is rocking the foundations of local
and ALL Governments.  Global Revolution is afoot.

tyrants and dictators should remember Cincinnatus:


will be in touch as required ;)

btw. Anonymous is certainly not only script kiddies.  the kiddies will learn
from passed mistakes.  Operation LeakSpin, Information scraping and
publishing so nothing gets glossed over, spun wrong or forgotten.  Lawyers
are joining.  all kinds of things are happening.  check my tweets if
interested #borgboxgs1.  I've tried to highlight some sweet articles I came
across, counter government spin, find more definition for Anonymous, and
obviously effects of Leaks/Cables and the in effective panic reactions of
Governments to the people waking up ;)

DDoS is not my thing, but it does help to expose issues that media would
otherwise relegate to back pages or the bin.  People ask the question why?
when Cyber Society enrages and Reacts.  Maybe they will wake up one day,
like our Arab Brothers and Sisters.

We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget

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