[pp.int.general] Statutes Taskforce meeting - conference statutes amendments proposals

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Sat Feb 5 00:26:59 CET 2011

Dear Pirates,

As you know, on March 12th to 13th the next PPI conference will take place.
The General Assembly will on that occasion vote on amendments to the
statutes of the PPI.

The deadline to submit statutes amendments is February 12th. In order to
discuss and submit statutes amendments proposals and coordinate our efforts
after the deadline , we invite every interested person to join the Statutes
Task Force telephone conference on Saturday February 5th at 20:00 CET. (
http://int.piratenpartei.de/Telco_How-To ).

There might be several more meetings of the Task Force before the amendments
are sent to the General Assembly, stay tuned.

Kind regards,

board of the PPI

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