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Tue Feb 22 12:16:23 CET 2011

 Dear Pirates and Privateers!

>From March 12th to 13th  the Pirate Parties International (PPI) will hold
its 2011 conference in Friedrichshafen, Germany. For this occasion we would
like to invite every Pirate and interested person to join us to discuss the
international Pirate movement. Over 65 representatives from 13 countries of
4 continents already confirmed their attendance and over 100 more issued a
strong interest.

In the spirit of maintaining communication and co-operation between Pirate
Parties around the world the afternoons of March 12th an 13th are reserved
for an Open Space event workshop. Taking into account the grassroots
principles of the movement, participants will benefit from the extraordinary
possibility to discuss with representatives of Pirate Parties from all over
the world in an open and diverse environment.

Open Space Technology is a powerful tool that allows to handle the most
complex matters with the ease of a coffee break, and will allow us to take a
glance at the future of the Pirate movement, international cooperation and
the PPI. We will create a space where you'll work with other pirates to
identify and address the most important issues in your work, your
organization and your community. Come prepared with your own burning
questions and pressing needs; and be ready to address them in a dynamic,
high-learning environment!

Based on all of your ideas and questions, we will quickly develop a flexible
agenda that will lead us through the next one and a half days of intensive
discussions. All results are constantly documented and instantly shared with
all the other participants. At the end, we will have not only a compiled
document that documents the results but also new task groups will have
formed that will bring the work forward to our common goals.

The time is right, the place is set, now it's your turn to get active!

We still have some conference tickets left, but overall space is limited, so
go and register now. On March 12th and 13th representatives of Pirate
Parties from all over the world will meet in Friedrichshafen and you can
join them!

*To register for this event, please visit **
*. *Registration fee is 50€. In case you have only confirmed your
participaten on Facebook, please visit the above site to complete your
registration, or we can not hold your booking.

For further information concerning the 2011 PPI conference you can visit
http://int.piratenpartei.de/PPI_Conference_2011 or contact the Board at *
board at pp-international.net*.

Kind regards,

the Board of the PPI
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