[pp.int.general] Patent system similar to GPL?

Sina Amoor Pour sina.amoorpour at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 03:00:30 CET 2011

> Yes, you can do that.  It might be useful, but it is not very similar
> to copyleft.

What are the differences? I'm not an expert on copyleft licenses so it would
be interesting to know.

> It cannot reach trolls.  Also, if a company creates a separate patent
> troll company, and they are both held by the same holding company, it
> may be able to escape from these requirements -- unless someone very
> clever figured out a way to prevent that.

I agree the system is not perfect and there are probably a lot of holes
opening up to unwanted activities, but I also believe it is a step in the
right direction. Because lets face it, the law makers will not fix the
problems with patents anytime soon. There is a need to take matters into our
own hands. Hopefully the issues with these licenses will be fixed over time.

> Are you involved in designing these licenses?

No. I'm in no way associated with designing these licenses nor the
organization (Cambia) that initivated and developed these licenses. I
stumbled up on them a couple of years ago when I was doing information
research about alternatives to patents.

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