[pp.int.general] #Notterete +Manifestation against the "internet killing bill" in Italy

Josef Ohlsson Collentine joco2me at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 21:53:48 CEST 2011

Yeasterday there was a manifestation in Italy called “Notte della
rete”(Night of the Network). This manifestation protested against the
‘internet-killing act’that was discussed today by
and competition authority for the communication industries in Italy). This
proposed regulation would provide automatic deletion of content protected by
copyright that is shared on the web.

Got a mail from an Italian guy today saying:

> Today the Authority have released the bad regulation untouched,
> so the next months we will arise our protest
> against censorship in Italy. Stay tuned ;-)

 220.000 signatures against the bill so far which is very positive to see so
many support a free internet.

Transcribed the speech by Stallman since that was the only part in English
at the manifestation. A highlight:

> and they want to stop you from sharing
> that’s why they use propaganda terms like ‘pirates’
> what does it mean when they call the people who share pirates?
> it means they are trying to equate helping other people with attacking
> ships
> this is absurd and morally it’s as wrong as anything could be
> because sharing is good
> but attacking ships is very bad
> so we shouldn’t call them by the same word

A bit more about what happened and the full transcription can be read in my
And Stallman, the second solution you proposed is called Flattr.com ;)

Are any pirate parties involved in these protests or supporting them more

josef (@collentine)
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