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Pat Maechler aka Valio pirate at valio.ch
Wed Jul 20 08:12:49 CEST 2011

A US student is arrested for downloading too many journal articles?
This makes no sense at all...
I'm flabbergasted.
Are we already there or is this one made up?


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Shocking news: *Moments ago former Demand Progress Executive Director Aaron
Swartz was indicted by the US government.* As best as we can tell, he is
being charged with allegedly downloading too many journal articles from the
Web. The government contends that downloading so many journal articles
constitutes felony computer hacking and should be punished with time in
prison.  We disagree.

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The charges are made all the more senseless by the fact that the alleged
victim has settled any claims against Aaron, explained they've suffered no
loss or damage, and asked the government not to prosecute.

James Jacobs, the Government Documents Librarian at Stanford University --
where Aaron did undergraduate work -- denounced the arrest: "Aaron's
prosecution undermines academic inquiry and democratic principles," Jacobs
said. "It's incredible that the government would try to lock someone up for
allegedly looking up articles at a library."

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Thanks for your support and concern as we help see Aaron through these tough
times.  We'll keep you updated.

 -- The Demand Progress team

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links below to alert them to Aaron's predicament.*
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