[pp.int.general] Paying Creators! ISPs Seem to Have Lost Net Neutrality?

Stéphane Vanbellinghen carnops at pirateparty.be
Thu Jul 21 23:11:54 CEST 2011

One thing is clear : ISP use doublespeak.

They don't want to be liable for the transported data, but they want to differentiate trafic based on bandwidth comsumption

During the month of March, fourty major telco leaders met the EU Commission to discuss the financing of the future of broadband connectivity, in order to reach 30 to 100 mbps by 2020.

The result is clear, the user would pay a different price dependingon the quality of service he wants.

As an example they plan 30$ for the basic access + 5$ for Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Blogger, Wikipedia, Flickr, Bing, Ask and WordPress + 0$ for Facebook, Twitter and most social media. Every additionnal package would be charged 5 to 10$.

That's completely stupid ; just  look at social media like Facebook... how many Youtube and Dailymotion videos are posted everyday? 

Honnestly, I think the guys who advocate such principles should be hung (OK, that's a sort of "image" maybe).

They are beginning to exasperate me...

FSCK the establishment as a Linux Foundation t-shirt says.

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