[pp.int.general] Plagiarism is bad because it infringes copyright????

Daniel Riaño danielrr2 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 13:42:31 CET 2011

Probably this is just another example of bad journalism, or bad translation,
or both. I submitted the question to another learned List, and this is what
I got in return

Dear list,
> the translation cited in the posting above has left does not give the
> context of Schavan's words: The Sueddeutsche Zeitung asked her towards the
> end of the interview, after questions of scholarly ethics had been
> discussed, whether intellectual propertyis no longer an important issue for
> chancellor Merkel, even though she had declared at the World Day of
> intellectual property protection, how important those things are. And then
> Schavan answered as cited in the posting (this was before Guttenberg had
> resigned).
> You can find the whole text at:
> http://www.sueddeutsche.de/politik/anette-schavan-ueber-guttenberg-ich-schaeme-mich-nicht-nur-heimlich-1.1065529
> Ulrich Schmitzer

If the linked text is the origin of the "quoted" (with ironic quotation
marks) text, then the original is "Schavan: Ich habe ganz klar von
wissenschaftlicher Integrität als einem hohen Gut gesprochen und davon, dass
die Aberkennung des Titels richtig ist. Da kann niemand auf die Idee kommen,
dass ich den Vorgang für eine Lappalie halte." Clearly the English version
is skewed.

PIRATA, España

2011/3/2 Richard Stallman <rms at gnu.org>

> http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/mar/01/german-defence-minister-resigns-plagiarism
> shows something repulsive:
>    On Monday, German minister of education and research, Annette Schavan,
>    welcomed the withdrawal of Guttenberg's PhD, telling reporters she did
>    not "consider the incident to be a trifle".
>    While she stopped short of calling for his resignation, she said:
>    "Intellectual theft is not a small thing. The protection of intellectual
>    property is a higher good."
> She claims that each of a dozen unrelated laws is a "higher good" that
> ustifies trampling most people's freedom and interests.
> Even if we forget about most of those laws, and imagine that she's
> only talking about copyright when she says "intellectual property",
> her statement is still twisted, because she is distorting the concept
> of plagiarism.  She wants people to think that plagiarism is bad
> because of copyright law.  Does she think it is ok to lie about text
> in the public domain?  If Guttenberg had bought a license for the
> text, would that make his lie ok?
> She ought to resign for this.
> Is someone from the German pirate party reading this?  Would it like
> to use this to attack her and the concept of "intellectual property"?
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