[pp.int.general] Pro-Piracy Model for Music. Please spread.

Victor Love dopestarsincmail at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 17:23:38 CET 2011


We are a pro-piracy band and we set up a new model that support piracy  + an
hybrid of street team/distribution that can be an alternative to the whole
corporate system model. To do so we dropped all our labels and we will
provide our further albums for *FREE download*. Free to be copied by anybody
and will spread it over every network. Also we provide a version with full
artwork (also on cdlay) at a very small price. *That's cause the cd is
empty *so we don't pay any* copyWRONG* company to press them and collectors
can support us getting the sole artwork and burn their copy downloading it
from our site.

However there are a lot more details about it that you can read on our
We would love to ge get feedback about it from you. *Please feel free to
spread this to also other pirates.  *
We hope you like it and can help us to spread the info to inspire more bands
to follow this model.

You can find everything on our website: www.dopestarsinc.com

With big respect for everything you are doing for free speech and free
Thanks in advance from Cyberpunk Rock band Dope Stars Inc.

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