[pp.int.general] Propaganda Alert: The Listener S02E12

Rok Andrée rok.andree at piratskastranka.net
Sat May 21 23:31:53 CEST 2011

So the last episode of The Listener (Canadian TV show placed in Canada)
was... disturbing.

The entire episode (45min) is anti-wikileaks propaganda. It even shows a
slightly modified site of wikileaks.

The story goes like this: This guy (assange) is collecting secret goverment
data and relising them on the web. He has just published a timer for the
next big relise (at one point in the episode they mentione cables) so the
Canadian agency (IIB ?) goes after him. The show intraduces this politician
(miniseter of forigne afairs if i understand correctly), a woman, that's
fighting against "asanage" and one other politician that's supporting
goverment transperancy. She's against it because "bad things happen" and she
is portrayed as the "good guy" (there's no disscussion if goverment
transperancy is bad, just that reviling secrets is a really bad thing). A
sex tape of her is than leaked to the web, that was made by tricking her
into an afair (she is at all times portrayed as the "good guy"). It is
inferd that "assanage" was behind it. They heroicly catch assanage and in
the interogation they show him pictures of soliders that died because of the
cable he relised.
In the end "assanage" gets put in jail and the femail politician  "wins"

I hope i got all the details right, but that's the jist of it. It's such a
strong propaganda you cant even laugh. (i hope it wasnt pro-wikileaks,
becuse if it was, they did a terrible job of it)

Sorry for the bad spelling. It's late and i dont feel like spellchecking.
Rok Andrée
Blagajnik - Treasurer
Piratska stranka Slovenije - Slovenian Pirate Party
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