[pp.int.general] There is a Pirate Party in Hungary?

mut3k mutek at inventati.org
Mon Nov 7 11:33:49 CET 2011

Il 05.11.2011 18:18 Giulio Prisco ha scritto:
> Hi Gabriel,
> I live in Budapest since a few months and I would love meeting other
> pirates here. I hear that a PP was formed, but is not very active.

Hi Giulio, it could be very interesting if you can "rebirth" new 
instances of Hungarian PP and make a call to all the already built 
I know that the Hungarian politics are very closed to the Italian one 
so you can bridge the two PP (Italian and Hungarian) to build some 
political and cultural share.
Do you think it's possible to take into account by you?
Thank you in advance,

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