[pp.int.general] OT: IPR enforcement in Italy #wikileaks

lilo al3lilo at autistici.org
Fri Sep 9 17:21:28 CEST 2011

On 09/09/2011 16:24, carlo von lynX wrote:
> Something just for you, lilo..
> "[...] senior government officials had begun to pressure judges to impose tougher sentences for IPR-related crimes, something that is particularly difficult politically. While Mazza claimed no one expected Italy to come off the watch list, he said GOI officials did expect recognition for their efforts. He specifically cited the fact that China was lauded more forcefully for its IPR protection efforts than Italy."
> Yes, you are actually hearing an Italian govmt official
> telling American Embassy that they PRESSURED JUDGES for
> harder sentences on intellectual property crimes.
> http://wikileaks.org/cable/2008/11/08ROME1337.html
> http://www.cablegatesearch.net/cable.php?id=08ROME1337
> "He also envisions creation of some kind of warning or "cease and desist" system targeting unlawful downloading."
> And then he speaks of ACTA as if it was a U.S. masterplan
> being applied to Europe.
> http://www.cablegatesearch.net/cable.php?id=08ROME816 shows
> that the US is also behind Italian moves for more nuclear
> energy.
> "Scajola said a new draft law with tougher administrative penalties for piracy should be on his desk shortly and pledged GOI support for IPR issues in general."
> Might be strategic to work out an article and feed it
> to the news with the pirate party mentioned in it?
> +++ 
> Berlin currently at 6,5% btw/ftw.
> We're considering options for a ruling coalition.. hahahaha ;)

ty for the mail :)

i know all this above. very sad :(

in italy we are full of bad news. very sad  at this moment.

btw, Scajola is a poor idiot man.

we will work for an article about this crap.

and YES, ruling coalition is a priority for us :D

or i will take my ESC from keyboard and will came to live in Germany ;-)

how many times i need for learn language? lol

ciao :*

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February 2011: Patriot Act extended.
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