[pp.int.general] PPDE needs you - mirror our website

Markus Drenger markus.drenger at piratenpartei-hessen.de
Fri Sep 16 09:03:53 CEST 2011


sunday is election day in the State of Berlin. We need to get at least
5% to get into the parliament and recent voting polls show 9% to 12% for us.

This may be the first time in history, that Pirate Party Germany enters
a parliament. We have like 90 pirates in local governments like city
councils, but this is the first time we get into a parliament with
legislative power.
People from all over Germany came to Berlin to help in campaigning and
all are doing a great job.

But we cannot handle this weekend alone. We expect high load on our
website of Pirate Party Berlin (berlin.piratenpartei.de).
You can help us by mirroring this website, we would really appreciate it.

Here is the instruction to help us
http://wiki.piratenpartei.de/BE:IT/Sturm#Mithelfen_.2F_Contributing .

thanks in advance,


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