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I want to bring something to everyone's attention.
Google has been changing their privacy policies. Lots of ppl have noticed
they are spamming us with notifications about this.

Today I noticed that with my gmail account, where i had a folder for mp3
files, all of the mp3 files which contain copywrighted material or files
that would match copywrighted material, have now been deleted, not by me,
but by Google...

The only two MP3 files that remain anywhere in my gmail account are from
unsigned indy artists who are not on youtube.

I cannot believe that Google scanned my user account files and removed
content w/o my consent, besides my agreement to have an account with them.
I suspect they used whatever scanner engine they have, which they use to
scan files when you upload them to youtube, and they detect copy-protected

On Feb 14, 2012 11:23 AM, "Lola Voronina" <
lola.voronina at pp-international.net> wrote:

> Fellow Pirates,
> On behalf of the PPI board, I would like to invite you to the regular
> board meeting which will take place today 14.02.2012 at 19:00 CET at Mumble:
> mumble.piratenpartei-nrw.de Room: "/international/pirate parties
> international/board meeting". The preliminary agenda for the meeting can be
> found here https://ppi.piratenpad.de/agenda-2012-02-14
> Minutes from the previous board meeting:
> http://int.piratenpartei.de/PPI_Board_Minutes_2012-01-17
> Yours sincerely,
> Lola Voronina,
> Chief Administrative Officer, Pirate Parties International
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