[pp.int.general] Pirate needs help to could afford going to PPi-GA on April.

Justus Römeth squig at dfpx.de
Wed Feb 22 12:42:47 CET 2012

Hi Elias.

We are going back from Prague to Germany by car around the 20th, so if you
can find accomodation until then (food is probably cheaper in CZ than in
ES) and a cheap flight from the airports of Leipzig, Dresden, Hanover,
Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Paderborn, Braunschweig or Frankfurt am Main late
on the 20th or sometime on the 21st we could take you there for free. Check
skyscanner.net to look for cheap flights. Unfortunately we can only take
you from Prague, as the car will be full on the way to the GA.

Kind regards

On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 10:27 AM, Georg Sinn <
georg.sinn at pirates-without-borders.org> wrote:

>  Hi Elías,
> at Pirates Without Borders we are already arranging accommodation in
> Prague for some Pirates from around the world. Maybe we can find a solution
> for you too.
>  Please see my contact data on http://zwitschi.net or around the pirate
> wikis.
>  Looking forward to see you in Prague,
>  Georg
> Am 22.02.2012 um 07:36 schrieb Elías A. Angulo Klein:
>  Hi everyone. This is the first time i write to this list, so most of you
> surely don't know me.
> Im a Pirate from Spain, who wants also to participate in the Spanish
> delegation who it's suppossed to go until this moment: Choms & his scort
> (not sure if subscribed to this list), Daniel Riaño, and Antonio Garcia.
> At the momment i've found passages i can afford here: http://wizzair.com
> It's very cheap on April 14th (1 scale, MAD-PRA), but would arrive at
> night and so, I only could assist to the second day of the assembly, which,
> things of fate, is precisely my birthday, but that's irrelevant.
> I could afford even the previous weekend passages, they aren't too much
> expensive. But I surely won't be able to afford a week in Prahe, with my
> actual founds (i'm student/long term unemployed).
> I desperately ask help to you, as a really feel going to that assembly
> very important, to be a more homogeneus, truly-representative Spanish
> delegation, and to personally ask for international support for  the
> Spanish Pirate party, which is almost desintegrating itself.
> - It would be great if you found some kind of travelling from Spain to
> Prahe for about 50€ the passage more or less, not discarding trains or
> buses.
> - I will need a house to sleep, feeding myself, etc. A single night would
> be enough, but a whole week (with the present passages i found), or al
> least 3 days with some other passage, which let me to assist to the two
> days of the assembly would be, simply perfect.
> ... as a absolutely cant afford and Hotel.
> Obviously i will take money with me, and can contribute to the payment of
> costs of food, etc.
> I write this and ask in this list because im sure someone of you must had
> a simmilar situation to going to the GA. I'm sure that perhaps, other kind
> of passage, or a nearby destination + a bus (i.e) could be cheaper. And
> also, because the only one who i know in PPi is Lola Voronina, apart than
> my Spanish fellas.
> She told me a contact, this mail is CCO'ed to him. But please tell me your
> thoughs, about how to go to the assembly, and where can i find a
> settlebase, or someone who lend me a room for 3-7 days.
> Basically that three things:
> - Does some way to Reach Prahe for less than 50-70€ exists? (EACH passage,
> including taxes, reserving now) [I would not like to risk to take a last
> minute, but as a last resort]
> - Could some kindhearted comrade lend me a room? (3-7 days, depending on
> passages, or at least ONE night?).
> - How much will cost me an average day in Prahe (public transport, house
> cooked cheap food, tobacco, not alcoholic drinks).
>  Im depriving of lots of things order to save to achieve that goal, i
> estimate i can accumulate a total ammount of 150-200€ 'till the day of
> taking the plane. That's probably the maximum reach I could afford, but my
> economical situation really need to reduce that budget.
> Best Regards, hope to meet you all soon :)
> And thx in advance.
>  --
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