[pp.int.general] Pirate needs help to could afford going to PPi-GA on April.

Georg Sinn georg.sinn at pirates-without-borders.org
Mon Feb 27 09:43:10 CET 2012

Hi Elias,

yes, you can ask me anytime.
If it is only you maybe we can arrange something different. For any 
questions: http://zwitschi.net has all my contact data.


On 27.02.2012 08:18, Elías A. Angulo Klein wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> I talked to my comrades from Pirate . ES and . CAT (I think here you use
> another nomenclature, in this list), and they both agree.
> .CAT because does not need the money for the delegates, their own party
> finances them with 500EUR.
> .ES at the moment no one of the people interested in going to the GA
> opposses that if only will be a reimburse for the travel of one delegate,
> it could be me. I hurry to tell you, now i asked, so no one anticipates me.
> It will be of great help. Now I only will need money for the stance. It's
> almost sure I will be able to participate both days of the assembly.
> I still need a place, but someone also answered that too. My partners
> nowadays already have a place to be, but I will ask them, If they're
> perhaps interested in share it.
> Just a short notice: Any accommodation in prague for up to 3 (maybe 4)
> persons is possible from Sunday, 8th of April. We have an appartement with
> kitchen and 6 beds from 8th to 15th (after the conference we will travel to
> Vienna, Austria. There will be Rodrigo (Austria) and Jurij (Russia) also,
> as well as me :)
> So if you find a cheap flight or travel possibility earlier: Bienvenido a
> Piratas ;)
> Greetings,
> Georg
> In any case, i just need accomodation for almost one. You didn't told me
> who to talk to about that. If it's yourself, just answer in PM. I'll ask my
> partners, from my side.
> I think i could just buy the passages this week to make them cheaper.
> Thanks a lot for the warm welcome, I really need it.
> 2012/2/23 Tom Vymazal<tomas.vymazal at pirati.cz>
>> Hi Elias,
>> I tried to read thru your email several times and I am not quite able to
>> understand your situation so I am just going to try to make some
>> suggestions and we'll see where it gets us.
>> First of all, get in contact (as soon as possible) with Patrick Mächler,
>> the chief financial officer of the PPI. His email is in CC.
>> Secondly, try to talk to your Spanish colleagues to figure out how many of
>> you want to come to the assembly and who needs the financial help the most.
>> The PPI is willing to reimburse travel costs _for_only_one_delegate_ per
>> country. Some time ago I received an email from IIRC Daniel asking about
>> whether it's possible to come as a group of people. Back then I replied
>> that it is possible to come in any number of people but that the refund is
>> possible only for one person per country. You guys should really talk it
>> thru and decide whether you need the refund and whom will you require it
>> for. If they don't need the reimbursement, there is no problem for the PPI
>> to pay your plane ticket (I just found about 10 different ways to get here
>> by plane on time for less than EUR 200).
>> Thirdly, it is no problem for us to find you a place to crash during the
>> conference as there will be many Pirates from various countries couch
>> surfing for the same reason. It might be a problem to find you a place to
>> crash for the whole week before conference, but I guess we would think of
>> something.
>> That's probably all I can do for you right now.
>> Hope to see you in April,
>> Tom Vymazal (PP-CZ)
>> Head of the Internation Relations dept.
>> Dne 22. února 2012 7:36 Elías A. Angulo Klein<
>> elias.angulo.klein at gmail.com>  napsal(a):
>> Hi everyone. This is the first time i write to this list, so most of you
>>> surely don't know me.
>>> Im a Pirate from Spain, who wants also to participate in the Spanish
>>> delegation who it's suppossed to go until this moment: Choms&  his scort
>>> (not sure if subscribed to this list), Daniel Riaño, and Antonio Garcia.
>>> At the momment i've found passages i can afford here: http://wizzair.com
>>> It's very cheap on April 14th (1 scale, MAD-PRA), but would arrive at
>>> night and so, I only could assist to the second day of the assembly, which,
>>> things of fate, is precisely my birthday, but that's irrelevant.
>>> I could afford even the previous weekend passages, they aren't too much
>>> expensive. But I surely won't be able to afford a week in Prahe, with my
>>> actual founds (i'm student/long term unemployed).
>>> I desperately ask help to you, as a really feel going to that assembly
>>> very important, to be a more homogeneus, truly-representative Spanish
>>> delegation, and to personally ask for international support for  the
>>> Spanish Pirate party, which is almost desintegrating itself.
>>> - It would be great if you found some kind of travelling from Spain to
>>> Prahe for about 50EUR the passage more or less, not discarding trains or
>>> buses.
>>> - I will need a house to sleep, feeding myself, etc. A single night would
>>> be enough, but a whole week (with the present passages i found), or al
>>> least 3 days with some other passage, which let me to assist to the two
>>> days of the assembly would be, simply perfect.
>>> ... as a absolutely cant afford and Hotel.
>>> Obviously i will take money with me, and can contribute to the payment of
>>> costs of food, etc.
>>> I write this and ask in this list because im sure someone of you must had
>>> a simmilar situation to going to the GA. I'm sure that perhaps, other kind
>>> of passage, or a nearby destination + a bus (i.e) could be cheaper. And
>>> also, because the only one who i know in PPi is Lola Voronina, apart than
>>> my Spanish fellas.
>>> She told me a contact, this mail is CCO'ed to him. But please tell me
>>> your thoughs, about how to go to the assembly, and where can i find a
>>> settlebase, or someone who lend me a room for 3-7 days.
>>> Basically that three things:
>>> - Does some way to Reach Prahe for less than 50-70EUR exists? (EACH
>>> passage, including taxes, reserving now) [I would not like to risk to take
>>> a last minute, but as a last resort]
>>> - Could some kindhearted comrade lend me a room? (3-7 days, depending on
>>> passages, or at least ONE night?).
>>> - How much will cost me an average day in Prahe (public transport, house
>>> cooked cheap food, tobacco, not alcoholic drinks).
>>> Im depriving of lots of things order to save to achieve that goal, i
>>> estimate i can accumulate a total ammount of 150-200EUR 'till the day of
>>> taking the plane. That's probably the maximum reach I could afford, but my
>>> economical situation really need to reduce that budget.
>>> Best Regards, hope to meet you all soon :)
>>> And thx in advance.
>>> --
>>> www.terceraola.com
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