[pp.int.general] General news: PPDE more than 20k members

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Fri Jan 13 20:49:00 CET 2012

Members come to be the normal way, biological ;)

I think there are 2 types: The "standard" Pirate, which comes through
the internet.
The second are the people who get to know us offline (who may be in the
net for several hours per week but not the same channels than pirates).
Easiest way to get the second are to do some local work. Just stand
there with a big flag and some friendly looking people and a good topic...

But however they come: They stay because of offline-contacts and work
(or at least talk) together!!!

Just the geeks can stay in net-only contact. And it is definitely more
fun offline.

How good that is possible is a problem of Pirate-densitiy of course. I
know that very good, since I was the only active member in a radius of
40km for a long time.

Here in Sachsen-Anhalt we just started with (hopefully) regular "work"
meeting calles Symposion.

Since normal workmeetings are boring, I thought about a 3-part event.

1. The first part is some project, preferably local. That gets the start
of some work and the eyes of the surrounding people so that the work is
continued ;)

2. The second part is dedicated to learning - facts about a topic,
presentation, concentrated discussion.

3. The third is a "philosophical" topic. After such hard work you want
do relay a bit, right? You talk about the arab spring or the seemingly
simple question "what is politics?" - that is more or less to learn
about your opinion and the opinion of others, compare them, discuss. Of
course you can get same really consensus points out of it.

With this 3-part-confguration you have 3 different ways of doing things,
good flexibility on topic and time and some other minor advantages.


Am 13.01.2012 18:52, schrieb Aza:
> 2012/1/13 Justus Römeth <roemeth at gmail.com>:
>> Hello Pirates
>> Just wanted to let you know that as of this morning PPDE has more than 20
>> 000 members.
> Great news!! How do new members come to be? is it an online process or does
> it involve some kind of real life interaction?
>> I think it's a good idea to discuss what is going on in the different pirate
>> parties from time to time. If you think this should not be part of the PPI
>> list, maybe we can move it to the pirates without borders list, even though
>> I fear not as many people read that one.
> I hope we can use this mailing list for learning from each other.
> Being an international
> movement we have this advantage other parties don't have.
> Congratulations!!
> aza
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