[pp.int.general] MegaUpload raided, shut down on request of US authorities

Marcus Kesler marcus at d-usa.info
Thu Jan 26 01:07:54 CET 2012

I think money is a form of reward. But it is not the only kind by far.
Money can also be a bad reward when it causes artists to change their
art for the sole purpose of making money, or what hipsters like to call
"selling out".

If I make some money from my art, then good for me. But if I change my
art for the sake of money, then I would feel like I am doing something


On 1/25/2012 6:00 PM, Jan Lettow wrote:
>> I do think that artists want to get rewarded, and I think that it is not anti-pirate to think that they should be. When we share and attribute something, we reward the artist. We acknowledge that somebody created it and that we want to see more from that artist.
> But are you sure money is a good reward? You'd do all business instead
> of politics, if it wasn't more rewarding to make the world a better
> place.
> I see how money can be the best reward of all,  when you lack enough
> to satisfy the basics, but after that I'm sure it won't do much good.
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