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Moin Pirates

Next week Saturday, the 9th of June, has been chosen as the last big
international day against ACTA. We hope that with the vote in July we will
get the EP to vote against it, effectively killing it. We have scored a few
important victories after the successes we had in February, among others
the Bulgarian government and the Dutch parliament saying that they will
vote against ACTA and any similair law proposals and treaties no matter
what, and with three EP committees voting against ACTA, too. So the 9th of
June should not be a demnostration against ACTA, it should also focus on
upcoming treaties that bring trouble, like IPRED and TPP.

More importantly it should be a celebration of victory though. ACTA is
dying, at least as far as Europe is concerned. New law proposals are
worrying, but we should also use this day to come together and celebrate
how far we have come (nobody in December of last year would have though
this would be possible), be happy what we achieve with a reasoned debate,
and where the debate does not work, angry protests and all the hard work we
put into this.

Please come out to the streets on the 9th of June!


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Stop Acta WIKI <http://wiki.stoppacta-protest.info/Main_Page>
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