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Ach! Totally forgot. Finished exams and stuff last week. I'll see if I  
can come to this meeting though.

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On 23/06/2012, at 5:02 AM, Josef Ohlsson Collentine wrote:

> Hi pirates,
> I would like your help with a new international news project for  
> pirate parties:
> The pirate movement has been an international force right from the  
> start. Today +40 countries have started their own active pirate  
> parties. This creates a need for the interchange of information,  
> news and tips between the parties. Although there are several  
> opportunities to interact between countries - for example within the  
> PPI - there has still been little exchange of information. We would  
> like to change that by setting up an international news service for  
> pirates. We - at the moment Josef, Daniel and Gefion - want to  
> inform pirates and everyone interested in pirate politics about  
> topics that are relevant to all of us from an international  
> perspective.
> The main goals we have is to create more international awareness  
> betwen different pirate parties, spread news internationally and  
> share best practices regardless of borders. International topics can  
> be brought to attention in all pirate parties and more coordination  
> can take place which will strengthen the pirate movement. We are  
> loosely bonded to the PPI and accepted their kind offer to use PPI  
> infrastructure.
> To achieve this goal we are currently looking for a name for our  
> news service - and of course for colleagues!
> Suggestions for the name can be left in our pad: http://ppintnews.piratepad.eu/HelpUsFindAName
> You can find more information on our wiki: http://wiki.pp-international.net/Ppintnews
> If you simply want to get an idea or ask us questions you can do  
> that at our next team meeting on mumble the 26/6 ,19.00 CET (GMT +1)  
> mumble.piratenpartei-nrw.de -> International -> International Pirate  
> Parties -> ppintnews
> Many thanks and best regards,
> Josef (@collentine)
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