[pp.int.general] WIPO negotiating new deals regarding copyrights, or similar

eduardo at partidopirata.com.ar eduardo at partidopirata.com.ar
Tue Jun 26 17:13:12 CEST 2012

In Argentina we have a collecting society of that "rights":

(SAGAI: Sociedad Argentina de Gestión de Actores Intérpretes, actores,
bailarines y dobladores.)

Our copyright law is the second worst in the entire world!

Something that, if approved this change would cause, is what happened with
the soap opera of Shakira the colombian singer):

She bought the rights to this soap opera, she was ashamed to have
(More in spanish)

But in Youtube you can find episodes of the soap opera.

But if any artist don´t have the money to buy the rights, may stop any
type of distribution.

In Argentina we have the case of a popular artist:

Pepe Biondi, he died, was a comic actor, his videos are not more on
television for the "copyrights of the actors." We lose a piece of our

More, of Pepe Biondi (and Shakira) in spanish, here:


Bonus Track:

Shakira in Oasis:


Best Regards.

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