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On 6/26/2012 11:13 AM, roberto aka robske wrote:
> Would it be fine if I'd write a piece about education and how, when
> coupled with freedom of information, could lead to more successful and
> innovative people?

I'm guessing that would fit into the c/p/t reform section, right?

If you think you can make it work (in English although we can see about
getting translation help) then go for it!

I should add, to all, If you have an idea, write it. If you have a good
blogpost you think would work with minor tweaks, that's great. Rick's
piece in the last book was 7 of his blog posts combined, my two-party
twostep piece was a blogpost I wrote in 2010
(http://www.ktetch.co.uk/2010/11/breaking-2-party-two-step.html) when
very sick (losing 14kg in 10 days sick), tweaked to fit the setup of the
And even if (for whatever reason) it doesn't make it for this book, I
doubt NSH2 will be the last in the series, there will probably be a
third, if not more. Times change; facts change; topics change, are
created and die out. A Piece on the SOPA/PIPA blackouts couldn't have
been in book1, but they're a topic that could be covered in book 2, 3 or
whenever. And if your piece isn't used, you've still got the rights
(since we ask only for a non-exclusive license), you can use it for
something else, or someplace else!

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> - Roberto Moretti
> Dutch pirate party member
> Op 26 jun. 2012 04:00 schreef "Andrew Norton" <ktetch at gmail.com
> <mailto:ktetch at gmail.com>> het volgende:
> There's a little over two months left for submissions for No Safe
> Harbor 2. The deadline is September 1st 2012 (so we can have enough
> time to get it out and ready for a December 1st release
> Again, we will be splitting it up into three categories
> 1) Government and Corporate Transparency and Accountability
> 2) Personal Privacy
> 3) Copyright, Patent, and Trademark Reform
> If you're a Pirate Party member, we welcome your submissions, of any
> length or style. And please, forward this request on to your parties.
> If you're not a Pirate Party member (and I know there's a lot of you
> on this list) but still wish to contribute, then get in touch with
> Brad Hall (editor at nosafeharbor.com <mailto:editor at nosafeharbor.com>)
> and we'll discuss it. We're trying
> to keep it to one non-pirate per section though.
> The Book will, again, be a free eBook distributed under a CC-BY-NC-SA
> license and have a physical copy available on Amazon
> (book 1 is at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1468033999)
> Brad Hall and myself will once again be editing the book, and will try
> and make it better than the first one! At present we have 9-10 pieces,
> but we want more!
> Yours
> Andrew Norton
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