[pp.int.general] The true core Pirates principles, -Serious attempt to get a workable consensus - TLDR version

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Forget the intellectual property problem, Anouk...

... if you cooperate instead of compete... you have no need to keep anything exclusively for your own benefit. Everything becomes CC-BY ;) . And of course there would be no 'inhumane' risk because there would be no incentive (survival of the fittest) to take risks.

What we would have to think about is how to handle whatever is still left of inhumane behaviour while we are in transition from the present hell to our future nirvana ;) .


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So resuming,
-to give each individual human the rigth and privilage to function individualy within the soul of humanity as where inhumane conditions are not tolerated and to be delt with in a humane way.


-As where the soul is the sublimation (or concentration) of all human qualities, physical or abstract, even those qualities we have not even discovered yet.
Old thinking: ultimate competition (corperatism)


Humane thinking: ultimate coorperation
This I would call one true core value.

Anyone got a better definition or proposal?

The next core value would be about what is intellectual property? Which would be contributed to the collective soul and therefor is belonging to everybody. But because of the nature of (some) knowledge with a high 'inhumane' risk it should be distributed through education only. And secondly, because of the effort of individuals contributing to this knowledge, this should be rewarded as such in a similair way as produced goods are rewarded.

 (nice try not?)

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