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If you call plainly telling them the truth and nothing but the truth (that we were going to vote green for internal spanish peaces' sake because our single vote should not be the one to decide the outcome anyway in a healty organisation, but that they would be advised to massively vote no... considering the implications of multiple full membership per country for the complexity of the inner workings of the PPI) not being honest about things while altogether properly assessing the complexity of the situation because we are confronted with mass dynamics that tend to reward low intelligence populism and demagogues playing their best cards to profit from this...

... then you are missing something here.

And I am sorry and woeful about having to defend logic and ethic in such adverse conditions as you build up all together.


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Hi Antonio,

... what good is it to call ourselves Pirates and pretend to not be politics as usual?

After you described in length how you tried to manipulate the GA in best tradition of political intrigue (advocating one thing in public while lobbying for the opposite in private), posing such a question is ludicrous.

Best regARRRds,

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