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Thanks Lola for your input and your honesty. As always it takes (at least)
two to tango and it is a pity that you were in a dance that didn't turn out
to be as was expected.
Don't give up the dream and we all will continue life, being wiser then
ever before and we *will* arrive at the point when *common sense* will
be *commonly
used* (once we learn to listen to our conscience most of the time,

Keep hoping, pirately,

On 19 April 2013 13:39, Lola Voronina <lola.voronina at pp-international.net>wrote:

> Fellow Pirates,
> In the position of PPI Co-Chairwoman I was doing administrative work,
> including some tasks of Chief Administrative Officer, such as updating
> mailing lists, preparing board meeting agendas, sending announcements,
> updating social media, etc.
> I managed to receive all the necessary paperwork from the notary in
> Brussels to transfer the PPI HQ from the old board to the new and started
> to collect signatures, but when we had to get the last one out of 5, it got
> lost.
> Represented PPI on the conferences:
> Neumunster - Pirate Party of Germany General Assembly
> Dortmund - Pirate Party of North Rhine-Westphalia General Assembly
> Paris - Pirate Party of France General Assembly
> Bochum - Pirate Party of Germany General Assembly
> Belgium - Pirate Party of Belgium General Assembly
> and in the media by giving interviews for Russian and international press.
> In the beginning of December 2012 I lost all the motivation to work for
> the movement whose members are constantly fighting with each other and
> prevent others from doing their work. Creating problems, like keeping the
> PPI money on their accounts and refusing to fulfill the promises that they
> made in order to bring the PPI GA to their country. I couldn't work any
> longer for an organization whose members are blackmailing each other and
> making working people resign from office out of spite. I have not
> participated much in PPI work since then.
> I got tired of not being able to write and publish whatever I wanted on my
> personal Twitter and Facebook accounts without being criticized for it
> behind my back. I didn't want to read my private E-Mails on public mailing
> lists over and over again. I couldn't invest anymore time and money on this
> position when clearly Pirates didn't want PPI to work. Without money,
> without resources, without help this is not possible. But instead of
> letting the few people work that want to invest time, we were constantly
> insulted, blocked from working, criticized by members of the old board or
> candidates that couldn't get elected, we were running after money that was
> promised to us. Constant mistrust is what the international Pirate movement
> looks like from my perspective.
> I know there are hard and good working Pirates out there and I would like
> to thank all the good people that I met in PPI and because of PPI, I hope
> we will stay in touch. And a very special thanks to the PPI board! It was
> pleasure working with you!
> Thank you all!
> Fair winds,
> Lola
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> International Coordinator, Pirate Party of Russia
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