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Josef Ohlsson Collentine international at piratpartiet.se
Wed Apr 24 18:47:28 CEST 2013

> P.P.P.S.: Too much time wasted here on this list. Sorry for all the good
> ones who are willing to participate in a positive and constructive way.
> ------------------------------

 I believe the request by Andrew was very normal. If you're not present but
still concerned about the organization it's normal to want as much
information as possible. It's not productive alienating these persons by
replying negatively. I believe the replies by Thomas where much more a
waste of time on this list than the original request.

I was, just like Andrew, also hoping to see more transparent information
around the outcomes of the conference. There is some, even if not complete,
available but only if you go searching through mail-lists and wikis on your
own. One of my main concerns for PPI is that the information sharing seems
limited to an inner-circle instead of being the public and transparent
organ they claim to be. I don't think it's a lack of will, just a lack of
insight about what people expect and how it can be done.


p.s. keep the noise down on the list. If you have personal messages send
them off the list. If you want to troll me send it to me privately and I'll
reply :P

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