[pp.int.general] Another world is possible, yes, of course, but why build it?

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Sun Aug 11 17:00:46 CEST 2013

 yes, of course, but why build it?

For decades we hear people invoking something OTHER than the existing. First hoards of new parties alternated themselves, clearly without a progress. When the repulsion for parties became too strong, the political associations arrived to be electoral collectors. When also the disgust for the associations overflowed, came forward the social forums.

	What changed?

Absolutely nothing. The same inspiring saying: "another world is possible" showed immediately the possibility, even the ease, of the change, but also their firm decision to leave the world as it is. The only thing that has always been pursued is a different DIVISION of the existing, not a real CHANGE of it.

	In that paradoxical way in which life expresses itself, when we meet guys who boast of being something, we can be sure that they are the exact opposite. Also in this case, who feels a strong desire for a world different from this, and wish approach who seems a friend and companion in this adventure, would discover that even the social forums are full of the usual STATE figures who quarrel with their antagonists PRIVATE to carve up the world.

The ORIGINAL HUMAN BEING, not compromised by a conflict of interest, rather properly disgusted at the idea of an ECONOMIC STATUS that reduces him to a human subspecies, of a job that imprisons him for all his life preventing him from living a rich and varied reality, fed up of the eternal contrasts between the OWNERS of the STATE and the OWNERS of the PRIVATE, determined to build a world in which the STATE be shared among citizens and in which the PRIVATE cannot overdo thanks to a DEMOCRATIC STATE, it is yet to be discovered and developed.

Yet only this NATURAL HUMAN BEING, able to maintain a detached inner core, his own objectivity avulsed from the FORCES of the lobbies of the STATE and of the PRIVATE, only who will have the courage to not make common cause and clique with others, who will not impose a group's will, who instead will lead a solitary political research, who will prioritize the POWER of TRUTH to the force of a majority addicted to any lie and omission, will enjoy the hope of making that world RIGHT, HONEST, TRUTHFUL capable of being EQUAL and FAIR.

	Whoever you are, let this be known.
	ANOTHER WORLD can not remain equal to this.

ANOTHER WORLD can born only by informing the Earth's peoples that, once occurred the democracies, the primary collective resources of the public roles should have started to be all participated by TEMPORARY assignments. The hoarders that inherited them from previous regimes have instead taken advantage of the positions of power to keep the undue privileges of the tyrannical era.

ANOTHER WORLD will be build only when the Public Jobs of the various Countries will be assigned at FIXED TIME in order to create that OPERATING DEMOCRACY able to allow to citizens to re-organize and conduct the public activities and services in the way they believe, day after day, more appropriate. In order to transform the present ROYAL PALACES of the PUBLIC CAREERISTS in a strong, fair and inclusive, basic economy.

	Able to compete with the private sector
	up to bring it back in perfect harmony
	with the needs of living beings and of Earth.

Danilo D'Antonio

Monti della Laga
Central Italy

tel. 393395014947


   you can not tame the private
without first democratize the State


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