[pp.int.general] To Chomsky, Kleine, Negri, etc. etc.

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Mon Aug 12 17:11:59 CEST 2013

To Chomsky, Kleine, Negri, in representation of that massive intellectual multitude, that for decades has been followed by all the malcontents of the Earth, helding this world stuck in a sterile complaint of its ills without ever even come close to the focal point that holds the secret to resolve all our problems, I dedicated this:

Another world is possible, yes, of course, but why build it?

We can not tame the PRIVATE without first democratize the STATE.
An evidence so clear, a concept so simple, yet never expressed.

Why did you make lose so much time to the world, to chase after capitalism, neoliberalism, imperialism, when, to give birth to a fair and just society, it was enough to remove, dismiss out of hand, the public careerists, the public employed for life, democratizing the States and letting so the citizens access them at fixed term?

Why have you kept us in an endless and pointless conflict with an unattainable capitalism, neoliberalism, imperialism, when we only had to focus on what was already ours: our Res Publicas, to remove the unworthy flaw that makes them weak and thus make them become able to grow and keep at bay the private sector?

It was just a wrong strategy, coming from your own inability to see the obvious, or there was more?

The central nucleus, the public sector, the State, is thing to analyze, criticize, reform well before the outer part of the society. To pretend otherwise is unreasonable. It is the CENTRAL NUCLEUS to give the IMPRINT to the whole CELL. To make this fair and equitable, we must first transform in this way the public centrality.

Enough so with bad masters, enough with the masters.
We humans must learn to see the world with our own eyes, to think with our brains.
Let us move on our own, peer to peer. We will only gain from that.

Danilo D'Antonio

the whole of Public Employments YES: they can


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