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At the mere mentioning it today, unemployment give us a fainting terror, as much is the impotent misery that it evokes. But, like for everything that exists in the Universe, there is a malefic unemployment (that it is impossible to manage) and an absolutely beneficial one, that instead to impoverish even enriches our lives and whole society. To emerge can be one or the other, depending on whether our system has a dynamic character or not.

In an unchanging, static work system, those who have a job try to keep it for life, those who have not one hardly are able to conquer it. In such a system, even with an economy at full speed we can not have full employment of the human forces eager to get busy. While a part will get fat, others will become a skeleton. On the contrary, in a dynamic and ever-changing work system, who has a job can disrupt his performance and decide to take some study, to do his own business or just rest for a while. Even with a weak economy, who wants to work has the opportunity to gain a job, almost living the principle: let us divide what we have and let us all live dignitously!

A changing, dynamic work system is a living system, well different thing respect to the immutable system that instead is died as a falling body. A living system adapts to a reality equally lively and gives the best of itself at every opportunity. We log on to the Internet, we present our professional and humane figure along with our working request; the system provides us the currently available jobs or close to become free and we must not do other than choose or prepare ourselves. While we are not working we do not suffer a constrictive unemployment but enjoy a free productive choice. On the contrary a dead system is dead and that's it. It has nothing to offer.

With the knowledge and the means we have, it would be easy to make a computer simulation to develop a new economic design and the software that interface the workers with the productive reality. Personally for long time I do not let a day go by without proposing a similar study to some professor or researcher. Sad fact is that they are so interested in the maintenance of "their" fake-public fixed job, or to procure one, that they feign not to hear. And in fact a dynamic work system can not begin in the private sector but in the public sector. It is in the Res Publica that citizens have full right to access and set things as they wish. The private sector should be instead left free to regulate itself, we should guarantee its self-determination, in order to obtain its best.


This is the logic distribution of economic things. By equipping the public with a substantial mass of activities, it creates that jobs tank able to guarantee a good WORKING CIRCUIT and to set the output of our societies. The private sector will find its dynamism as a result of the changes introduced in the public and of the competition that will be born with it. The public sector, through its conquered democracy and its grown mass, will be able to direct and shape the private sector activities without emit any law. Leaving at last free/happy all human beings.

Today there is such a disaccustoming to interface us with the natural life, with the reality of things, as we are subject to rules and regulations imposed on us by public careerists at any time of the day and night (soon we will have to ask for their permission even to go to the bathroom) that no one, even among the adherents to those new all pepper political movements that are springing up every day, succeed to get a genuine valuable idea.

They are all focused on single issues and nobody (NO ONE in the whole world!) is planning a new structure for our societies. Almost we had lost hope that things could go well when they have to do with human beings. And instead NO! The human being is perfect, it does not lack anything to make everything perfectly work. It is only for the arrogant, overbearing public careerists, State men for life, that our great creative capacity has gone destroyed.

Danilo D'Antonio

Piazza del Municipio
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