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Richard Stallman rms at gnu.org
Tue Feb 19 16:25:48 CET 2013

First of all, I'm glad that we can now have a civil discussion without
hostility (even if we might still not agree on all the issues).

    > * Identifying my own use of a machine for an hour
    > with someone else's use of it.
    I dont get how that follows from what i said, see end

You were talking about the use of a camera to record my speech.  In
that scenario, I'm not the one using the camera -- someone else is.
He's using it with me for a couple of hours only.

It makes a difference, because I'm more strict with myself than with
others.  Even if I would consider it unacceptable to use a certain
camera, I have no reason to refuse to work with someone else that uses
it.  I would urge him to switch.

    The question is how do we pirates promote that.

Yes, that is the big question.

Eliminating nonfree software is not one of the main goals of the
Pirate Party.  What I actually suggest is something much smaller.

Namely, that the Pirate Party should avoid doing things in ways
that actively promote the use of nonfree software.

    1. Since the topic of this thread was video streaming, do you feel i
    have misrepresented your view with regards to youtube?

I can't remember now what you said about YouTube.  But I can
state where I stand regarding it.

To view a video on the YouTube site with a normal browser, you always
have to run some nonfree software.  Either Flash Player, or the
Javascript code from the site.  Thus, distribution on YouTube leads
people to run nonfree software, no matter which mode is used.

Therefore, I don't want my speech hosts to post on YouTube.

    2. Do the organisers have to request something from the recipients that
    they distribute the film of you speech to. (e.g. to not redistribute 
    the film
    in a nonfree manner)

I ask them to release under CC-BY-ND, which permits posting
on YouTube.

    3. Do you consider every person on this list to be part of the
    organisers, since most of us are from the pirateparty, 

No.  Only the people who organized my speech made this agreement with

However, I expect you not to make a monkey out of them by announcing
YouTube distribution in a way that appears to be connected with them
(for instance, through the Pirate Party).

    4. Maxime posed that your stance was in order to not help google
    grow/earn extra. My feeling was the nonfree software part was
    most important to you.

You are right.  I'm not particularly concerned with how much money
Google makes, or even how much money Apple or Facebook or Amazon make.
What I consider important is what they DO to people.

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