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well we had a way to distribute our content.. but always can be improved
and try to make it more and more open.
So, yes, is a valid discussion.

2013/2/18 <illunatic at greenpirate.org>

> Is this the correct place for Pirate Party International discussion? It
> stirs doubt in the party to find that a strategy for how the party
> distributes its own content has not been established among Pirate Parties
> by now.
> Really? You expect us to follow and support your call for copyright and
> patent reform while you can't even decide among yourselves how content
> should be handle. At least you're talking about it now. That's a good
> start. Dropping the petty name calling and such would be a better start
> towards being taken seriously in my opinion. At least get over that
> nonsense as a favor to me because it's difficult to type with my palm to
> firmly pasted to my face.
> Since Pirate Parties are still struggling to produce a sound strategy for
> their own content distribution, the task at hand is to determine whether
> PPI wishes to continue to support Richard Stallman's message, which
> includes his preferred media criteria as part of the message.
> Richard's preferred media criteria is part of the message.
> Richard's preferred media criteria is part of the message.
> Richard's preferred media criteria is part of the message.
> Now some things that are still unclear as of yet:
> Who is responsible for distributing Dr. Stallman's video while
> representing PPI?
> Has PPI officially chosen to disregard the personal understanding that was
> made clear between PPI and Richard Stallman or was this the act of a rogue
> individual?
> If it is a party decision, is PPI prepared now to announce clearly that
> they do not support Richard Stallman's message?
> Does PPI officially support and wish to promote Richard Stallman's message?
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