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Hi there,

did you all receive a similar email? Is it real or a hoax / scam?

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-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Pirate Party of Brazil <comunicacao at partidopirata.org>
Gesendet: Do 21.02.2013 21:38
Betreff: Support Pirate Party of Brazil
An: Martina Pöser <martina.poeser at bremen.piratenpartei.de>; 

The Pirate Party of Brazil is conducting a campaign, asking for donations to their supporters and activists in order to register their founding documents and publish in the Official Gazette of the Government of Brazil and its program statutes.
The publication of these documents is part of the process necessary for its legalization. The first step has been taken, with the holding of the National Convention in July this year, which had included the presence of Rick Falkvinge.
The National Convention brought together 130 pirates 15 states and elected the first National Executive of the Pirate Party.
After publishing the documents (the total coast is USD $ 10.000,00 - we have achieved USD $ 3.500,00) the Pirates must collect nearly 500,000 signatures of voters in support of the legalization of the new party, then yes to have your registration and final power play in the 2014 elections.
Donations can be made using PayPal that enable credit card donations using national or international. If you can, please support us.
The link to make donations is this: www.partidopirata.org/doacoes

Wladimir Crippa
General Treasurer
Pirate Party of Brazil

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