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Richard Stallman rms at gnu.org
Sat Feb 23 19:57:56 CET 2013

McCrea cites a number of excuses commonly offered by those that wish
to talk about the GNU system without recognizing that's what it is.

    While I stand corrected that properly it should be called
    "GNU/Linux" but we should also call QTips "Cotton Swabs" but it
    has become the colloquialism to call them QTips, 


						     just as we now
    call it "Linux" right or wrong.


     You can try to fight it as much as you want to get it to change,
     but honestly I don't see it happening


					   you are in a very small
     minority and the community had the option to accept GNU/Linux as
     the common name but they didn't so I don't see it coming back.


Since GNU was intended to give freedom to all computer users,
I pushed for development of good GUIs.  GNOME was our third try.

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