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Mon Feb 25 08:11:19 CET 2013

Your feedback is always welcome, Carlo ;)

2013/2/25 carlo von lynX <lynX at pirate.my.buttharp.org>

> the main problem of all alternatives to liquid feedback is that,
> if they implement liquid democracy all, they still do not free the
> participant from having to monitor new issues to make sure they
> don't miss anything they care about. LF has the area concept
> which lets you not care about 95% of party politics and just
> focus on your area of competence. that may seem obvious, but it
> is IMHO crucial.
I totally agree.

> your approach at least has half a solution by sending people a
> "flow creation notice." still i'm afraid if used on a scale of
> pirate party lqfb's it would get annoying without the area
> splitting.

There is the concept of nexus to split the system by "organic/natural"
grouping. The idea is to create groups based on user's data like city,
province/land/whatever, country, working groups, etc.

It's like areas in LF but with a cool name (inspired in circles on Google+,
I must admit).

> instead i have been recently scandalously considering the idea
> of extending the suggestion mechanism of LQFB into a fully
> blown threaded and weighted forum system.. basically a reddit
> built into LF - simply by distinguishing a conversational item
> from an actual amendment request to the proposal. the way LF
> doesn't have a builtin conversation tool fails as people never
> know there is a conversation there, so they never click on the
> link. so having it integrated and profiting from the like/dislike
> valutations already makes it de facto like built-in reddit. all
> it needs is a chronological representation and a nice graphical
> presentation of important and unimportant contributions.
This is pretty close to what I was thinking.

> even the forking and merging of flows can all make sense in
> a setting like that, and it would all be integrated in a single
> tool. after all i don't see a point in rewriting all the other
> parts of the code of LF which are just fine.

One idea was to use LF API (in node.js if I'm not wrong) as a backend. I
particularly like LF core in pure SQL, it is good piece of software.

>  > Also, I don't have enough time to lead technically this project but
> maybe I
> > can help to put together a group to create (from the ground or based on
> > other) a better software. I think I'm not alone from what I read in other
> > threads. Who is up too for this idea?
> just gave you my $0.02 for that :)
> but it's time for me to shut up and be quiet for the next half
> year.. too much activity on the same mailing list is never healthy   ;)
I guess we should have a mailing list for these ideas/projects ;)


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