[pp.int.general] PPNO and PPCAT takes over TPB

Francisco George francisco.george at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 10:21:23 CET 2013

PP-ES is working too on a solution to support TPB since PP-UK had to pull
the plug on their proxy.

The project should have been online last week but due to personal and
private reasons of the person in charge to implement the support it had to
be delayed, will keep you posted.

By the way in the territory of Spain this might be very short support, the
government will issue a reform of the actual Intelctual Property Law and
Sinde Law that will describe linking to copyrighted material as a "Criminal
Act" up until now this was not the case. The actual Gov has absolute
majority in Congress and Senate and there is no doubt that they will pass
the law without problems just to avoid that Spain get listed once again in
the final USTR 301 List.

Best regards


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> [pp.int.general] PPNO and PPCAT takes over TPB
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