[pp.int.general] Liquid organizations: a proposal to unleash the real power of the pirate movement (and any other organization)

Dario i at dario.im
Wed Jul 3 00:22:40 CEST 2013

Allow me to introduce a proposal on how to organize horizontal
organizations, based on my experiences at PP-CAT and other movements. I
call it liquid organizations<http://thinkship.cc/en/introduction-to-liquid-organizations/>(its
working name was Lýd).

Check the introduction<http://thinkship.cc/en/introduction-to-liquid-organizations/>at
my blog and the analysis/blueprints at
http://lyd.dario.im/. I attach them compressed (they are Markdown files)
for RMS' (or anyone else) use. If your prefer another format, just ask me.

tl;dr: Liqorgs are horizontal organizations without fixed hierarchy, based
on trust through voluntary and (at-any-moment) revocable delegation and
organized in workgroups or organic groups originated from shared traits
(city, region, country, language, etc). They have some basic guiding
principles to allow maximum participation and grasp all our collective
intelligence in a lock-free way.

It is an open project (available in github
<https://github.com/imdario/lyd>for you to fork and modify) and
criticism is totally welcome. I want you to
speak your mind and to share this idea with your parties. The more, the
merrier. I trust swarm intelligence after brewing this in my head during
two years. I know you are going to do something awesome.

Also, I want to create an international project to develop a participatory
system based on these principles. Brave pirates are required for this
quest! Contact me in private if you want to participate.

Actually, I created Lýd to help and to build a better tooling for our
parties, with a long term objetive to spread it among other organizations.
This means spreading our core values.

After reading this, thanks, you probably are asking yourself: how does it
fit with Swarmwise? First, I admire Falkvinge's work (it helped me too).
And second, I see this as Swarmwise's complement.

With this you can go "on a mission from God" (from Swarmwise's chapter six)
backed with your mates' trust. You can consider it as a way to visualize
how your organization works, auditable and transparent.

As I say in the analysis:

*Bonus track: does Lýd compete with Swarmwise?*
> No, it doesn’t! They are complementary although they focus on different
> aspects. Lýd is more an “operating system” for internal communication and
> decision making. Swarmwise deals with social dynamics. I totally recommend
> to read Swarmwise to learn more about it.

Well, enough talking :) Just say I will take into account your feedback and
I'll be happy to discuss about this. Thanks for your time.

Salut i rom!

PS: I hope this is going to help to overcome the "bitter dynamics". I was
inspired by Tom Behets with his "Promote what you love, instead of bashing
what you hate!" (here <http://imgur.com/xFEVjTi>).

Dario Castañé
http://www.dario.im | http://twitter.com/im_dario
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