[pp.int.general] In order for another world to become a possibility

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In order for another world to become a possibility

In present human societies, the most important roles, the powerful functions of our organization, then the public administration, public finance, education, culture, information, order, health and safety roles, are assigned for life to certain persons, leaving the citizens disempowered and excluded. As a matter of fact the State appears to be disjoined from Citizenry. These two entities, that for social pact should coincide, should be one only thing, as a matter of fact are frequently at odds and in opposition, both in their aims and in their behaviors.

It is often written in the constitutions of the Countries of the world that "sovereignty belongs to the people" (meaning to all the people!) but the reality is vastly different. All the Countries of the world literally belong to those persons who are assumed for life in the positions of the State, whether they are representatives or their subordinates. Present nations are in the hands of a real oligarchy --of a low level but spread everywhere-- that still lords and subjects in a subtle, sly manner the remaining part of the population. Nations are so prevented from a natural evolution towards what the various situational ambits indeed demand.

If we are not in agreement with our government's policies, do not lose other time: let us concentrate our energies toward the removal of that particular model of social organization that is the basis for every harmful behaviour of the Governments and which supports multinational corporations and economic empires. Public employment for life is the deep, hidden, mean origin of the majority of the world's problems, be theese in ecology, human rights, peace, economy or in any other area.

Demand, therefore, for what it is impossible to deny the absolute legitimacy: claim for a public employment at fixed term, equally shared and of real common belonging. On the day in which this new social system would come to the fore, no longer, for example, State radio/tv will make continuous shameless propaganda for the single government thought, nor public forces (persons that today are also them assumed for life, becoming so faithful keepers of oligarchyc States) will rage against citizens rightly demonstrating, least of all a bureaucratic apparatus could exist, being fertile ground for every kind of corruption and misrule.

The seeds of a new society, without monopolization and exclusion, based instead on equal sharing and full participation open for all, will take root. On that day even such ambitious aims as to see every woman, every man on Earth having a WORK, and therefore an INCOME, and, even more important, a CIVIC POWER MINIMUM GUARANTED, will become much more easily attainable. Unemployment and precariousness, and any other incapacity of the governments to give an efficacious answer to the exigencies of society, will become a bad, far memory.

Public Employment for life is the reef against which all the best dreams of mankind crush. Public Employment for life is the weak ring of an otherwise indestructible chain that binds a whole world and keeps it from achieving social progress and justice. Public Employment for life is the ring that today, in the interest of all and in a peacefully, legally and ethically unexceptionable way, we must definitively break.

Danilo D'Antonio

Piazza del Municipio
64010 Rocca S. M. (TE)
Italy - Europe

tel. ++39 339 5014947


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