[pp.int.general] Basic income - how does that fit into the pirate ideology?

Cal. peppecal at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 19:04:06 CEST 2013

On 12 July 2013 18:54, Zbigniew Łukasiak <zzbbyy at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 6:51 PM, Cal. <peppecal at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 12 July 2013 18:40, Travis McCrea <me at travismccrea.com> wrote:
>>> I have never heard of this argument… in reality it has no basis. If a company was paying you less than basic income, you would just not take the job, or you could quit the job.
>> That is not a very rational argument, we're talking about people who
>> see corporations as intrinsically evil, thus they are not to be
>> allowed to make money. (On other sides, there is not really a
>> meaningful basic-nonbasic ratio. The two add up, so you can accept
>> those underpaid jobs only because basic income is meeting your needs,
>> thus becoming a gift to evil corporation.)
> Can you create a separate thread to discuss 'minimum wage'?  This is
> very confusing.

I'm not discussing about minimum wage. I'm discussing about some
objection to basic income, worded as "it brings wages down, becoming a
gift to evil corp.™." I'm not sure that's a problem, though; and that
is not an objection of mine, just reporting a "leftist" POV. I
couldn't care less about evil corp.™.

On 12 July 2013 18:58, Jack Allnutt <j.allnutt at pirateparty.org.uk> wrote:
> If we're talking about a minimum wage, it's not that simple. Wage
> slavery is a real problem. Plus there's then the problem of it being
> more economical to *not* work, and collect unemployment benefits etc.
> If we're talking about having a job *in addition to* receiving a basic
> income, then I think your right. The incentive is that you get extra
> money for working whatever the wage is.

yep. that's what basic income is.

> I guess the typical rebuttal is that the price of labour is no longer
> distorted by a minimum wage and that labour will be priced according to
> supply and demand on the labour market just like any other good or service.
> One of the ideas behind a basic income is that it would *intentionally*
> reduce the supply of labour in to the market. It frees people up to
> invest their time and energy into causes that don't (immediately) return
> a profit. Charities and other voluntary projects, politics, caring for
> relatives or friends, education, entrepreneurship etc.

that could be somewhat difficult, relating to the effective amount of
that basic income. leftists don't like unemployed people.

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