[pp.int.general] Legal assumptions for Public Jobs at fixed-term

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Legal assumptions for the Public Employment at fixed-term

	The assignment for life of a public property to a person, impeding its use to other people, invalidates its quality of COLLECTIVE ASSET and reduces it to a mere private property.

Such a transfer cannot be performed without all those entitled to the right are first adequately informed about the serious loss they suffer. In case of failure to comply this, the act can be considered null.

	1st question:

	why the Italian/European citizens were never consulted about the consequences of the cession for life, therefore for them practically definitive, of that fundamental common resource that are jobs and powers of the Public Employment?

	2nd question:

	given the failure to comply the necessary information to citizens about the loss of the most substantial part of their same Res Publica, can the acts of assignment for life of public jobs be considered invalid?

	3rd question:

	given that to not fulfill the duties of the case were precisely those who were appointed to make know and enforce the law, considering that, just not complying that, they took final possession of our Common Resources, depriving the rest of the population of a PRIMARY RIGHT, can their be considered a CRIMINAL intent and act to be pursued in accordance with the same LAW that they did not applied? If so, having them acted not following the interest of the State but their personnel, may they be called to answer personally for the loss suffered by the Collectivity and by individuals as a result of the non-application of those CLEAR, SIMPLE and DEFINED RULES, that, if followed, would allow an overall steady development of our Countries over the past decades?

	Since judges, constitutionalists, academics and all the countless PUBLIC CAREERISTS of our States (to whom the same politicians and governments have always turned for guidance) are affected by a strong conflict of interest for as regards the scenario at the paragraphs 1, 2 and 3, who can be entrusted with the task of resolving these issues?

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