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transcript: http://piratepad.ca/Minutes-PPIGA2014
(alternative link: 


transcript: http://piratepad.ca/Minutes-PPIGA2014-sunday
(alternative link: http://archive.is/0rVK )

As everybody can see here [1] the Pirate Party of Catalonia was NOT listed under the applicants for full membership to the PPI, so the PPI GA had NO RIGHT to vote on the issue because of a motion, not even an alledged and misinterpreted one, as can be deduced from Art. III (3) and III (4) of the Statutes [2].

For those of you that might be less expedient understanding written words... the PPI GA can ONLY decide at its sole discretion whether it grants APPLICANTS the status they desire when applying or any other status it deems more appropiate, AND NOTHING ELSE.

When viewing the video of day 1, one does not find the Catalan Pirate Party performing when all the applicants are supposed to present themselves, furthering evidence that they were, for the time being, not applying for full membership.

The Pirate Party of Catalonia was NOT listed as an applicant, and its bid for full membership during the PPI Assembly should have been discarded with more authority than were the applications of those other Pirate Parties that missed the statutory deadlines and were told they had to wait for next time by the Court of Arbitration.

But MOB RULE insisted on having a vote, and the chair had to give in to avoid as scandal due to the blackmailing of Kenneth Peiruza from the Catalan Pirate Party... who seriously threathened to be able to act as the bad boy too... and derail the PPI GA at a moment that the German Pirate Party could not afford... there was a lot of German press present as the PPI GA happened short before elections in two German Länder were due.

Then we had the scandals of the PPI CoA decision to validate the proceedings of the 2012 PPI GA [3] and to grant Spain a second Gibraltar so Catalonia and the Catalan Pirate Party could fit in the scheme of things within the existing Statutes of PPI (well, sort of) [4].

And then we had the "clever" solution of the Board of PPI to have the CoA dissolved and out of the way so that it should not have to decide on the complaint I submitted.

At this moment, the PPI behaves more like a MAFFIA than the IP MAFFIA, and has totally lost the moral high ground among all but childish pirates.

It has even decided to EXILE the next GA to the controlled environment of KAZAN so that it can stay in control of the situation :) .

Are we to be PIRATES, or a bunch of SHEEPLE? 

To be or not to be...

... principled.

If I am to be the only one left to fight for logical and ethical coherence within the Pirate Movement... we are not going to that far anymore.


aka NingúnOtro & @SameDoKan
Board Member of the Spanish Pirate Party.

P.S.: If we are to discuss any of this matter seriously... in KAZAN ;) ... I need sponsoring to get there. Any volunteers?


III. Membership
(3) Requests for Membership shall be submitted in writing to the Board at least four weeks before the meeting of the General Assembly. They shall include contact information and a statement on the adoption of the statutes and internal regulations of the Pirate Parties International, in addition to a copy of the statutes and by-laws and the political program of the applicant and information on the background and organization of said applicant. The Board will transmit the application to all Members at least two weeks before the meeting of the General Assembly.
(4) The General Assembly is authorized to grant, at its own discretion, the applicant one of the following Member status in Pirate Parties International
    a) Ordinary Member 
    b) Observer Member 
(5) The Members are obliged to respect the Statutes, internal regulations and rules of procedure, in particular bear the implications of the decision of the Court of Arbitration.



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> There is a lot of critique of the previous GAs - but it is all based
> on hearsay.  Is there some official document recording the meetings?
> I looked at http://wiki.pp-international.net/PPI_Conference_2012, and
> also googled but I did not find them.
> From what I read here it seems that there were no discussions and no
> attempts to gain consensus before the meetings and instead all motions
> were new to the all participants - this created chaos because it is
> impossible to make informed and well weighted decisions in the course
> of two days.
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