[pp.int.general] Digital Civil Rights in Europe (EDRI)

mattias.bjarnemalm at piratpartiet.se mattias.bjarnemalm at piratpartiet.se
Fri May 3 17:16:50 CEST 2013

On 2013-05-03 14:04, Daniel Riaño wrote:
> That can well be true, and it makes the case for the creation of a
> international pirate ONG not tied to any political party but not
> systematically suspicious of anything "political"
> OTOH, did anybody took the pulse of EDRIs members to see what they
> feel about PPI joining them? Well, I imagine somebody already did!
> Would you be willing to share your thoughts with us?

If you ask EDRIs members you will get a different answer depending on 
which member you ask and the status of digital rights and of the pirate 
party in that country. We are in contact with the staff working as 
lobbyists for EDRI here in Brussels and they have been very clear to us 
that it is a great boon for them not to be openly tied to us, or to any 
other political movement.

As I realized I was a bit to diplomatic in my previous mail I would 
like to rectify myself and state that I think it would be utterly 
counterproductive to try to form any kind of formal ties between EDRI 
and PPI. If anyone want to involve themselves with EDRI they should 
start following the EDRI-gram, and perhaps also join their national EDRI 
association. But it would be directly harmful for EDRI to have formal 
ties with us as an organisation as they would loose their political 

We gain nothing, as we allready have access to their work.
They lose lots, as they will be seen as politicaly biased.

All in all, a pretty bad idea.


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