[pp.int.general] KEI analysis of Wikileaks leak of TPP IPR text, from August 30, 2013

eduardo at partidopirata.com.ar eduardo at partidopirata.com.ar
Wed Nov 13 19:58:02 CET 2013

"Compared to existing multilateral agreements, the TPP IPR chapter 
proposes the granting of more patents, the creation of intellectual 
property rights on data, the extension of the terms of protection for 
patents and copyrights, expansions of right holder privileges, and 
increases in the penalties for infringement. The TPP text shrinks the 
space for exceptions in all types of intellectual property rights. 
Negotiated in secret, the proposed text is bad for access to knowledge, 
bad for access to medicine, and profoundly bad for innovation.

The text reveals that the most anti-consumer and anti-freedom country in 
the negotiations is the United States, taking the most extreme and 
hard-line positions on most issues. But the text also reveals that 
several other countries in the negotiation are willing to compromise the 
public’s rights, in a quest for a new trade deal with the United 

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